Julian Ward is attempting to reduce the upfront fee for Darwin Nunez by £8m in talks with Benfica, according to reports. The Reds won’t spend this money lightly.

This comes from The Times. Journalist Paul Joyce confirms that Liverpool remain locked in talks with Benfica over Darwin Nunez. What’s surprising, however, is just how small the details are that separate the two parties.

Essentially, all is agreed on an £85m fee or around €100m. The tough part is sorting out how to pay that cash.

Benfica, of course, want as much money guaranteed as possible. Ideally, they’d take the full amount right now but that’s not realistic. Virtually all reports explain that there will be around £17m in add-ons and O Jogo explained today why Benfica need those add-ons to be realistic.

Large portions of the fee will go straight to other parties. There are ‘intermediaries’ who get a percentage, Almería, too, and agent Jorge Mendes. It means that Benfica would only actually make around £31m profit on the player.

Thus they want as much money upfront in possible, rather than requiring add-ons to be triggered. What’s crazy is that it’s come down to just £8m in talks.

Julian Ward wants Liverpool to pay £60m initially, with the rest in add-ons. Benfica want around £68m, however. And that’s where things apparently stand.

Liverpool remain in Darwin Nunez talks

It really seems likely that Liverpool get this one over the line shortly and sign Nunez. That’s the sense from everywhere – that the haggling over £8m isn’t really a big deal and the two sides will find a compromise.

SL Benfica v FC Porto - Liga Portugal Bwin
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Still, we’ve all been burned before. Deals like this can collapse at a moment’s notice and the longer talks go on, the more opportunities there are for other clubs to get involved.

But as we say, there’s no real need to think negatively with it all. Liverpool appear set on the overall price for Nunez – one we think is justified – and this one could start moving quickly at any moment.

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