Liverpool will want to see two things before justifying £60m+ Raphinha deal
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Liverpool will want to see two things before justifying £60m+ Raphinha deal

Liverpool have looked at a deal for Raphinha, according to reports. There are two things they’ll want to see before meeting the asking price, however.

Fabrizio Romano claims Liverpool seriously looked at Raphinha over the summer. The Reds would have moved for him but Leeds United made it tricky.

“I would keep an eye on the situation of Liverpool,” he told Rio Ferdinand’s YouTube channel.

“They wanted him last summer. He was one of their targets. They wanted to sign a winger but it was impossible to sign him because Leeds wanted to keep him and the price was too high, it was more than £60m.

“I think the player is very special, so if Liverpool want to decide to go big for a winger in the summer, he could be one of the names.”

£60m is certainly a lot of money. Especially for a player who had looked good in his first Premier League season but not ‘elite’.

Now, though, that’s changing. Raphinha is playing at a whole other level and, to many, looks like one of the Premier League’s best.

But we still think it would take another couple of things before Liverpool parted with £60m plus.

Can do Liverpool do a Raphinha deal?

Any transfer for Raphinha will set the buying team back, Liverpool or otherwise. In fact, he could take his value far beyond £60m by the end of the campaign – potentially close to £100m.

But we actually suspect Liverpool would prefer that. A £100m sure-thing is more palatable to many than a £60m risk, which is what Raphinha was in the summer.

The Brazilian needs to show he’s a sure thing, however. That will take two things, even if they’re linked.

The first is to continue with this rapid development. Liverpool will want to see that Raphinha truly is improving as a player, rather than just enjoying elite form.

That doesn’t necessarily mean a world-class display every week but showing the ability to be a difference-maker in big games. Can he trouble sides like Chelsea and Manchester City? Is he able to produce even more magic to win Leeds games?

The other thing is an impressive consistency. This is essentially what saw Liverpool part with £75m for Virgil van Dijk back in 2018.

The Dutchman consistently held a level that few could match. It meant that even if he wasn’t miraculous in every game, Liverpool knew the very least they got for their money was a good player.

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Having incredible highs will make anyone consider investing in a player but if the lows are worrying, that £60m+ becomes infinitely riskier. With Van Dijk, however, Liverpool knew that even his worst was good enough.

Raphinha, at 24, is entering his prime years and is less about ‘potential’. Instead, any move for him will be for the here and now. Liverpool, then, will want to see his levels this season.

If he continues to play consistently well, while peppering in some MOTM displays, Liverpool could well part with a lot of cash next summer.

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