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'Liverpool need to know': ECA chief calls out FIFA; ruling within 24 hours

The ECA CEO has called on FIFA to make a ruling on Brazilian players. Liverpool wait on the big decision.

The CEO of the Europeans Clubs Association wants FIFA to make their ruling on Brazilian players this week. It’s become a very complicated matter.

Premier League clubs followed Liverpool’s suit in not allowing players to join up with Brazil this week. That’s despite the country calling them up.

The reasons surround Covid-19 concerns. Brazil, however, are very angry at that and called on FIFA to invoke the ‘five-day rule’. That bans players who should have been on international duty from playing for five days.

It’s essentially a way to force clubs to release players as they can’t use them anyway. The clubs didn’t budge, though, and Brazil want them punished.

But hings took a very strange turn at the weekend. Health officials stormed the pitch as Brazil took on Argentina as several Argentine players had skirted quarantine rules.

The game was cancelled as a result. Now the ECA chief believes that farce should prevent the missing Brazilian players from suspension.

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ECA CEO calls out FIFA

“This has to be sorted it out within the next 24 hours – Liverpool and the other clubs need to know if they can play their Brazilians or not or whether FIFA is going to enforce the five-day rule for not releasing the players,” said Charlie Marshall, per the Athletic. “If FIFA is not going to sanction the clubs then they need to tell them.

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“It also needs to be explained how Brazilian players based in England should have been able to avoid quarantine there but not Argentina players.

“We think FIFA has abused its position and they have to sort it out because we need to know if the five-day rule is going to be imposed.”

Honestly, this one just keeps getting more and more complicated. We have no real idea where this is going, though it does sound like Liverpool have a chance of using their Brazilian players.

No one could have predicted the steps so far, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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