Pep Guardiola drops heavy exit hint that impacts Liverpool's future

Pep Guardiola dropped a firm exit hint on Wednesday. The Manchester City boss may not be around the Premier League for much longer.

In some ways, it’s quite devastating that Jurgen Klopp’s time with Liverpool has come as Pep Guardiola coaches Manchester City. The two are the world’s most outstanding coaches, after all.

Remove one from their respective side and the other dominates football over the last four years. The two compete against each other, however, taking away that chance at utter dominance.

But neither will be around forever, of course. Both will eventually leave the Premier League and that will leave an interesting landscape.

So the question is, who’s off first?

Pep Guardiola hints at exit

Per the Athletic, Pep Guardiola told an investment group that he’ll likely leave City at the end of his contract in 2023. He’ll do so with a view to managing a national side.

“My next step will be a national team if it’s possible. But a national team will be the next step,” said Guardiola.

“After doing seven years here, I don’t know if I’ll be here longer, I think I’ll have a break.

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“I’ll rest a little after so many years, I’ll have to stop to see what we have done, how we do things, to learn from other coaches that I’m excited to take a look at, and in this process if a national team offers an opportunity to coach at a Copa America, European Championship or World Cup I would probably like to do that.”

2023 would be one year before Klopp’s contract expires with Liverpool. So if all works out, the Reds would have one year with that ‘advantage’.

That’s not a lot to plan for. It’d be one thing if Liverpool knew they’d have Klopp against a Pep-less City for three or four years but one? It’s not worth building around.

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Instead, Liverpool need to look at their next-generation – assuming Klopp is off. What’s going to give them an advantage that City don’t have?

Because City, even with all their wealth, will get worse without Guardiola. The only other coach who is definitely on his level if Klopp and they’re not getting him.

The door will open for a period of dominance if one club can find the key.

Perhaps that key is signing a superstar like Kylian Mbappe or Erling Haaland? Not exactly easy, unfortunately.

More realistically is that Liverpool could look to build a squad of talented young players. Try and get them to peak together, much as this current side did, and have it happen in that post-2023 period.

Things are going to change in the Premier League once Guardiola and Klopp move on. And with the former’s latest comments, Liverpool know the season they must be ready for.

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