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Everything you need to know as FIFA take international action on Liverpool decision

FIFA have taken action after a decision from Liverpool threatened the international break. They’ve taken it right to the top of the UK.

Liverpool made a big decision this week – they wouldn’t release players for international games in ‘red list’ countries. That list being the UK’s way of determining high-risk countries for Covid 19.

If you enter the UK from a country on that list, you must legally quarantine. It effectively means that any player who returns from such a country will miss the following weekend’s games.

For Liverpool, that would be away at Leeds United. They also have several key players who would depart to ‘red list’ countries. Most notably, their Brazilian trio.

Thus Liverpool sent a letter to the CBF, letting them know that they wouldn’t release Alisson, Fabinho or Roberto Firmino for games there. And you can imagine how that went down.

UOL report that Brazil will just ignore Liverpool and call up those players anyway. They expect that FIFA will get involved and force the Reds to cooperate.

But then things got more complicated.

FIFA take international action over Liverpool, PL decision

The Premier League held a meeting on Tuesday where all clubs ‘reluctantly but unanimously’ agreed not to release players for ‘red list’ countries. Liverpool were no longer alone in this, then.

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On top of that, it turns out Brazil were right – FIFA are getting involved. Only, their power to do something is drastically limited once the richest league in the world is together on this.

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But they have taken action. The BBC report that FIFA wrote to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, requesting that international footballers are granted exemption from quarantine.

iNews, however, report that the UK government will reject this request.

This will rumble on for a little while longer, then, and it’s difficult to see an answer. Both sides are ‘right’ – clubs won’t want to lose their players, nor run such a risk of catching Covid-19.

While nations will disagree with the UK’s assessment of them.

At least one side is losing out here. We just need to wait and see who it is.

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