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'In the world': Fabinho believes Virgil van Dijk is simply 'different'

Fabinho believes Virgil van Dijk is ‘different’ to other players. He regards his Liverpool teammate as the best in the world.

Fabinho clearly holds Liverpool teammate Virgil van Dijk in very high regard. But then, doesn’t everyone? The Dutchman has reached heights we haven’t seen for a long time at Anfield.

But Fabinho tried to put into words just how good Van Dijk is.

Fabinho on Virgil van Dijk

“Look, we have the confidence in the other players in this squad,” he said, per the Echo. “But of course, Virgil is the best defender in the world.

“When we have him we know we have a leader in the team and a player who will win almost all the balls in the air, who has a lot of quality with the ball at his feet and who can find a long pass or a pass in between the lines.

“We have confidence in the other players, but Virgil is a different player. It is really good to have him back and hopefully, he will find his highest level.”

The big return

Van Dijk is fairly comfortably the best Liverpool centre-back since Alan Hansen. He’s in the argument to be the greatest we’ve ever had, in fact.

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And so it’s difficult to overestimate the effect his return could have this season. Van Dijk really might be the difference between winning the title or not.

After all, Van Dijk has had two full seasons at Liverpool and the Reds won the Champions League in one and the Premier League in the other. They racked up 97 points in 18/19 and 99 in 19/20.

Last season he was missing and things fell apart. Well, now he’s back. Liverpool will lean into Van Dijk as they try to compete for that title once again and that’s a difference-maker.

As Fabinho says, he’s different – the best in the world. And as long as his knee holds up, Liverpool can get their trophies back.

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