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'I can be the best': Fabinho tells Liverpool fans he's getting even better

Fabinho believes he’s getting even better as a player. The Liverpool midfielder has eyes on being the best around.

Just how good is Fabinho? For our money, he’s probably the best around in his position. Certainly, the Brazilian is the best defensive midfielder we’ve had since Javier Mascherano – he might even be better.

Fabinho certainly puts himself in that elite bracket in his position but the 27-year-old sets his sights higher. He wants to be the best in the world.

“I feel I am one of the best players in my position,” he said, per the Liverpool Echo. “And if I have good conditions for the rest of my career, I believe I can be the best player in my position.

“That’s what I will try, to do my best for Liverpool. Hopefully, it will be my best season for the club.”

Can Fabinho be the best?

The easy answer is ‘yes’. He might already be the best defensive midfielder around.

Liverpool saw that first-hand last season as Fabinho moved positions. While he was a decent centre-back, the difference with him in midfield was enormous.

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The Reds struggled badly to kick-off the year without Fabinho in midfield. Jordan Henderson wasn’t there to cover, either, and that disrupted the side entirely.

But things picked back up literally as Fabinho returned to his holding role. The entire team looked better and the Reds were strong defensively, even with wildly inexperienced centre-backs.

Honestly, the only defensive midfielder with an argument here is Casemiro. Fabinho’s compatriot is a magnificent player who does start ahead of him for Brazil.

Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

But he’s also two years older. We expect him to fade over the next few years – certainly before Fabinho. While the Liverpool man may improve, as he says.

Another factor is the teams they play in. There’s no guarantee that Real Madrid will be good next season, given both Sergio Ramos and Raphael Varane just left.

Fabinho, on the other hand, should find things easier with Virgil van Dijk returning behind him. That could be the difference that propels him to be the best in the world.

But no matter who you consider to be better, Fabinho is a world-class player. We can’t wait to see how he improves again this season.

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