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Mohamed Salah contract: Liverpool doing 'everything they possibly can'

Liverpool are doing ‘everything they possibly can’ to get Mohamed Salah to sign a new contract, according to reports. The 29-year-old is their priority.

This comes from the Athletic. Journalist James Pearce held a Q&A where the subject of Mohamed Salah signing a new contract came up.

The Reds have already agreed deals with Trent Alexander-Arnold, Fabinho and Alisson Becker over the last two weeks. That trio is one of the most important at the club, given they should all be elite players over five-year contracts.

You can’t quite say the same about the next group. Virgil van Dijk is 30. Salah and Sadio Mane are both 29. Will they all be elite players when they’re 33 or 34?

You’d hope so but there’s certainly no guarantee. Salah and Mane are both pace-driven players, while Van Dijk is coming off a serious knee injury.

Still, Pearce claims tying down Salah is the priority when it comes to the forwards.

“Salah is the priority and then Mane,” said Pearce. “I think Liverpool will do everything they possibly can to get Salah to sign a new deal.

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“If he doesn’t then you either have to consider selling him next summer or accept you run the risk of losing him for nothing in 2023.”

New Mohamed Salah contract?

We wrote last month that Liverpool face a very difficult decision here. All three of their forwards are moving into their 30s.

You can’t feasibly replace them with stars all at once – that’s too expensive and risky. The plan will be to gradually replace them by bringing in younger players who develop into stars.

Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Diogo Jota is one of those, while we’re waiting to see who the rest are.

But who sticks around in the first-XI the longest? Who’s the reliable, long-term asset Liverpool utilise for years to come?

It appears it’ll be Salah. We got that impression earlier this week and Pearce’s comments back that up.

This is where Liverpool are putting their future. So will a 32, 33, and 34-year-old Salah still cut it? The Reds seem to think so.

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