Lionel Messi situation in Barcelona must leave Liverpool ready to pounce

Lionel Messi will leave Barcelona, according to the club. Liverpool must be ready to pounce as things open up.

Lionel Messi will permanently leave Barcelona this summer. The Catalonians announced the decision on Thursday.

Their statement claims it’s purely a financial issue that both parties ‘deeply regret’, rather than it being a case of not wanting to continue together.

So with all that in mind, we think Liverpool have to ready themselves here.

Lionel Messi to leave Barcelona?

Hey, if Liverpool can sign Messi, they should. That’s not exactly a hot take but it’s worth saying.

It’s also worth saying that they almost certainly cannot sign Messi. To the point where it isn’t really worth discussing. Instead, Liverpool need to be ready for upcoming moves.

There are very, very few clubs that could sign Messi. It might only be Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain, depending on his wage demands.

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City are about to spend £100m on Jack Grealish, though. Can they actually afford to turn around and pay Messi, then? And what if they sign Harry Kane?

PSG could be the one to watch, then, and that’s particularly interesting. They could quite easily free up the wage space and fund the transfer by moving Kylian Mbappe.

The Frenchman is out of the contract next year anyway and they might lose him for free. What better way to make up for losing him than selling Mbappe and signing Messi?

First in line for Mbappe would likely be Real Madrid but we get the impression they don’t have the money right now. Liverpool, though, just might.

The Reds haven’t made substantial moves in this window and aren’t exactly struggling as Real are. They also, supposedly, want Mbappe as much as Real do.

We’re not saying this is a definite scenario, of course. But if the world’s best player is suddenly available, major moves are about to happen that will make other players available.

Liverpool must be ready, then. They may have had big plans for next summer but a situation like this can change everything. It may be time to move their plans forward.

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