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Report: Liverpool believe Takumi Minamino can still be a quality player

Liverpool still believe Takumi Minamino can be a quality signing, according to reports. The Reds admit it’s not going to be easy, however.

This comes from Goal. They claim Liverpool do think Takumi Minamino has the quality to succeed, despite his struggles.

It’s “clear that improvements are required”, though – they know this isn’t a sure thing.

Minamino was apparently seen as a ‘perfect’ signing’, according to one source. We saw it that way, too, believing he was ideal for Liverpool the first time we watched him.

So picking him up for £7.25m seemed like a dream. Here was a tricky, agile, intelligent attacking midfielder who could unlock great defences.

After all, he unlocked Liverpool’s defence the year they won the Premier League. It didn’t get much tougher than that.

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen anything from him that matched his performance at Anfield for RB Salzburg. There have been one or two flashes but that’s really it.

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Can Takumi Minamino be quality?

The loan to Southampton last February came with hope. Minamino would finally get regular opportunities to make a Premier League XI and he badly needed that.

Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Only, Minamino rarely started and didn’t complete 90 minutes often at all. He did start his Saints spell with two goals but faded quickly.

But we don’t doubt that Minamino has the quality to succeed – we’ve seen it. We just worry there are other factors at play.

Perhaps he doesn’t suit English football? Maybe the step up in pressure is too much? Is he someone who requires consistent, regular starts to build confidence and form?

If any are true, Minamino won’t make it at Liverpool, regardless of his ability. So hopefully, it’s just a case of things finally clicking together.

This pre-season would be a wonderful time to show that’s the case.

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