How much do Liverpool have to spend in the 2021 transfer window?

How much do Liverpool have to spend in the 2021 summer transfer window? We try to answer the question.

Figuring out exactly what Liverpool could spend in 2021 is quite tough. It seems fairly clear that it isn’t all that much, though.

Journalist Dean Jones claimed that on the ‘Done Deal Show’.

“All I really hear when I try to get a path on what they want to do is what they can’t do,” he said. “They can’t go and spend in excess of £50m on one player.”

And that lines up with reports from elsewhere. The Athletic, for instance, claims Liverpool need to sell before buying more after Ibrahima Konate arrived.

That deal, costing Liverpool £36m, was particularly expensive not because of the fee but because of how the Reds paid it. Per the Liverpool Echo, that had to be done in one go.

Liverpool like to stagger payments, as they did with Diogo Jota, so they don’t suffer the financial cost in one go. Konate, however, took a huge chunk out of the budget.

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As for what that budget was, we can turn to ESPN. They said Liverpool had around £50m for this summer.

The Konate deal would mean most of that is gone, however, leaving them with under £20m. Now, any money they do have could go further than you think by staggering payments, as we mentioned before.

Though, you do need to look at that another way, too. Because Liverpool stagger payments, they need to put up money this summer for previous deals. We highly doubt Jota is the only one they owe money on.

So, there’s not very much left – hence needing to sell before buying. The Athletic has previously mentioned that Liverpool see around £60m in possible sales this summer.

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We had a go at figuring that one out here.

So maybe they could get up to around £80m? It’s worth mentioning that all those sales would free up a significant amount in wages, too, which offers further flexibility.

It sounds as though Liverpool can end up with a decent amount to spend, then. We wouldn’t expect any record-breaking signings but a flexible £70m – £80m? That sounds about right.

And with a forward and a midfielder surely on the agenda, that should be enough to get the right business done. Just be prepared to wait for those sales to happen.

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