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Report: Liverpool target Donyell Malen wants double Diogo Jota's wages

Donyell Malen wants to significantly boost his wages this summer, according to reports. Liverpool may have a choice to make.

This comes from the Liverpool Echo. They report on the Reds’ interest in Donyell Malen, with a particularly interesting note on his wages.

They claim Liverpool do have eyes on Malen this summer. The Dutchman just starred for the Netherlands at Euro 2020 after a fantastic season with PSV Eindhoven.

That season saw Malen bag 19 Eredivisie goals, with another eight in assists. It’s a fantastic record and one that understandably makes him a target.

The Echo’s report doesn’t mention a fee, however. What they do mention, though, is a wage demand.

Malen wants £85k-a-week, apparently. Not only is that a considerable amount for an Eredivisie player but it doesn’t like up particularly well in Liverpool’s current structure.

That’s because the Echo claims the figure is around double what Diogo Jota is on. That’s surely a problem.

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Donyell Malen asks for big wages

Jota was something of a revelation last season. He arrived as a complete surprise from Wolves but almost immediately made an impact.

The 24-year-old has seven goals by early November, despite not starting all that many games. In fact, Jota only started 12 Premier League games all season but managed nine goals.

Jota contributed 13 in total across the Premier League and Champions League – an impressive amount in a difficult season for Liverpool. There’s an expectation that he can kick on and become a true star over the next few years.

And that makes signing Malen difficult. The 22-year-old has great potential but simply isn’t at Jota’s level yet, either in experience or proven quality.

The idea of bringing him in on twice Jota’s pay packet just doesn’t sit right. It’s certainly not how Liverpool usually operate.

Though, Malen’s other possible destination is apparently Borussia Dortmund. We can’t imagine them paying that wage either, however, and that does create an interesting situation.

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Will Malen stick strongly to his demands and hope someone gives in? Or can Liverpool negotiate above Dortmund but below the £85k mark?

The Echo suggests Liverpool will simply back away, though. The idea is instead to wait for the market to leap into life over the next few weeks and see what opportunities come about.

It’s something we thought might happen before the tournament. The post-Euro 2020 transfer scramble could benefit Liverpool or, potentially, make it harder for Malen to demand those wages.

Either way, the Reds should still secure a decent deal for a forward this summer – Malen or not.

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