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Report: Harry Wilson pushing for permanent Liverpool exit this summer

Harry Wilson wants a permanent Liverpool exit, according to reports. The Welshman doesn’t want for another loan.

This comes from Wales Online. They claim Harry Wilson is looking to exit Liverpool permanently this summer.

The 24-year-old doesn’t want another loan – and that’s understandable. He’s had several over the years, playing in both the Premier League and Championship.

It means Wilson hasn’t been able to establish himself anywhere. Without the chances at Liverpool, he’s been left with short-term spells at clubs. It’s always time to move somewhere new.

But while this makes sense for Wilson, it’s apparently a blow to several suitors. Wales Online reports that Cardiff City, where Wilson was last year, want him on loan.

They face little chance of doing so, however, if the player doesn’t want a loan. Cardiff lack the funds to sign him permanently.

And the Bluebirds won’t be the only ones disappointed by this. Wilson is a fairly outstanding player for a Championship side – he can create at a fantastic rate at that level.

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Teams in the second tier will struggle to pay the money for him, though.

Wilson wants permanent Liverpool exit

That’s what makes reports of Benfica’s interest so intriguing. It’s a league that should suit Wilson well, given it’s above Championship level but not quite at the Premier League’s standard.

Clubs at the top end should be able to afford Liverpool’s asking price, too. The BBC believe that price is just £12m.

It all depends where Wilson’s head is at, though. If he’s after stability for the first time, moving to a new country where he doesn’t speak the language is a big risk.

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At the same time, it’s an opportunity to compete in European competitions and challenge for a major league title. Neither is possible in the Championship – far from it, in fact.

But really, the money is the biggest factor. Wilson can want a permanent move all he likes – someone needs to put up the cash for it to happen.

Liverpool aren’t going to let him go for free and that £12m is already so low. It doesn’t feel realistic for them to drop it further.

Though, it also doesn’t feel realistic for Liverpool to loan him again. His price will just keep dropping at this rate unless one short spell really clicks with him.

That’s always possible but it’s also a risk. The more time Wilson spends on loan in the middle of the Championship, the more teams forget about him.

And that, above all, might be why he doesn’t fancy another loan.

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