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Report: Lurking Liverpool worrying Paris Saint-Germain

Liverpool are worrying Paris Saint-Germain, according to reports. The Reds might make the Parisians looks quite small-time.

This comes from RMCSport. They claim that Paris Saint-Germain are quite worried as Liverpool and Real Madrid lurk around Kylian Mbappe.

The Frenchman is out of contract in a year, putting PSG in a tough spot. He won’t sign a new one – not yet, anyway – and looks set to leave for nothing in a year.

In fact, clubs outside of France can make offers to him as quickly as January 1st. That’s pretty soon for arguably the world’s most valuable player.

PSG have to make a decision, then. Do they sell now and get something for Mbappe? Or do they wait and hope he signs a new deal?

Liverpool worry Paris Saint-Germain

According to the RMCSport report, they don’t particularly like either option. The latter has a massive, obvious negative – Mbappe could leave for literally nothing, costing PSG their greatest asset without compensation.

That would usually be enough for any side to sell before it’s a possibility. No, you won’t get his full value but at least you get something.

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But PSG are apparently very worried about the prospect of selling to Liverpool or Real right now. They think it’ll put the club in a very negative, small-time light – effectively showing that they just don’t have the pull of the world’s biggest clubs.

They’d be taken for a ride, effectively – a big club showing up and simply taking their prized possession because they want it for themselves. With PSG merely accepting what they’re offered just to get something in return.

We can see why it worries them. It’s the kind of power-play that puts PSG in their place and they’d struggle to recover that reputation.

Just look at Barcelona, for instance. We’re not sure they’ve been perceived the same way since PSG took Neymar for themselves.

But let’s be honest – PSG would buy themselves out of the hole. That’s what they do. We can only hope that Liverpool are the ones to force them into it.

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