69-minute display shows why Liverpool must consider Alexander Isak


69-minute display shows why Liverpool must consider Alexander Isak

Liverpool surely must consider a move for Alexander Isak this summer. The Sweden striker looked like a star-in-making against Spain.

Alexander Isak feels tailor-made for Liverpool. That’s the feeling we got watching him against Spain on Monday evening.

It was an incredibly difficult game for the striker, though. Spain dominated possession to such an extent that they broke the Euros record. Sweden, as a result, also broke a record – for least possession.

That’s tough for any striker. How can you influence the game without the ball? Isak only touched it 20 times in 69 minutes before leaving the pitch, in fact.

Yet we still saw enough to tell us that Isak is a star made for Liverpool.

Alexander Isak vs Spain

The context here is, of course, ’20 touches and 69 minutes’. It’s far from easy to squeeze genuine threat into that lack of input on a game.

Yet Isak was very unfortunate not to score in that first-half. He broke into the box with the ball and showed remarkable composure to sit-down Aymeric Laporte.

His connection in his shot was weak, unfortunately – the only thing saving Spain.

But that one moment was just one small part of Isak’s display. For instance, he was the only Swedish player to make a pass that directly led to a shot.

His two completed dribbles was as many as all his teammates combined and tied for the most in the game with Jordi Alba. Add in two headers, a tackle, two interceptions and you’ve got a fantastic all-around display.

Putting all of that in against a team as good as Spain, with as little of the ball as he had, is really, really good. This was a fine display and one we hope Liverpool were watching.

Is Isak the right fit?

Liverpool thrive on an ability to attack in any way possible. They’ll break you down with possession, they’ll get crosses into the box, they’ll hit you on the break, and hit you hard with counter-pressing.

Photo by Diego Souto/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

They’re at their best when playing at pace and that means being able to adapt to whatever situation shows up. If the opportunity to do any of the above comes about, they need to be able to do it.

It’s why Roberto Firmino was thrived with the club. He’s capable in any style while offering the work-rate and defensive work to bring things together.

And as Liverpool search for their next generation, we think Isak should be near the top of the list – if not top. This performance was hardly a fluke, after all.

Isak bagged 17 goals for Real Sociedad last season and 16 the year before. And he’s still only 21. That’s outrageous.

The Athletic claims he has a £60m release clause in his contract and that, for us, could be a bargain. He’s exactly the type of striker to lead Liverpool’s attack and at just 21, we can only imagine what wonders Jurgen Klopp could work with him.

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