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Report: Barcelona beat Liverpool to first move for Lorenzo Pellegrini

Both Barcelona and Liverpool want Lorenzo Pellegrini, according to reports. The Catalonians have made the first move, however.

This comes from Mundo Deportivo. They claim that Barcelona and Liverpool have eyes on Lorenzo Pellegrini.

Barcelona have the upper hand, however, as they’ve already started talks with Roma about the midfielder. Liverpool, on the other hand, are merely considering things.

Atletico Madrid are doing similar, in fact, and for good reason. Pellegrini only has one year left on his deal.

He also has a £27m release clause in his contract. It creates an interesting dilemma – pay it now and guarantee his signing or wait a year to try and get him for free?

Barcelona and Liverpool fight for Pellegrini

Strangely enough, both clubs will want Pellegrini to fill Gini Wijnaldum-shaped holes in their squads.

Liverpool lost Wijnaldum this summer, of course, with the end of his contract. While Barcelona believed they were getting the Dutchman, only for him to sign for Paris Saint-Germain instead.

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And it’s hard to do much better than Pellegrini. He’s a 24-year-old international with plenty of Serie A experience who’s available this summer at a reasonable price.

Photo by Matteo Ciambelli/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

Teams will be reluctant to pay that price, though. Pellegrini is free in a year, after, all which is potentially an outrageous bargain.

But then you risk too many clubs getting involved – the competition could ruin your chances. This summer, though, the chance is there for a £27m and we think it’s a good one.

We’d fancy the Reds’ chances to beat Barcelona for Pellegrini, too. Especially if they’re trying to negotiate the fee down.

Liverpool could swoop in to pay it and secure themselves a potentially elite midfielder. We think £27m is a fair price to pay for an extra year and to eliminate competition.

If the Reds want Pellegrini, we think it’s well worth a move.

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