Liverpool take Euro 2020 chance on Harry Wilson that could earn millions
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Liverpool take Euro 2020 chance on Harry Wilson that could earn millions

Harry Wilson is off to Euro 2020 and with that, Liverpool take a chance. The Reds could make millions off the Welshman.

Harry Wilson may or may not have a good tournament at Euro 2020. There’s certainly no guarantee – he’s in a tough group and playing for a side that is far from a favourite.

But his performances could prove lucrative for Liverpool this summer. Wilson could impact what they’re able to do in the tranfer window.

Wilson at Euro 2020

The Athletic claims that Liverpool must sell players before buying more this summer. The Ibrahima Konate deal ate into their funds and now they’re left without too much.

We recently had a look at players Liverpool could sell, with Wilson among them. After all, he’s been out on loan for years now – the Reds don’t actually use him.

That’s essentially ‘free’ money as Liverpool don’t sacrifice anything from their first-team squad in a transfer. The question, though, is how much can they make?

It all depends on Wilson’s standing in the game. He’s just turned 24, so the Welshman is just about young enough to entice teams with his potential still.

But he didn’t show that potential off too much when with Cardiff City last season, unfortunately. It was a fairly disappointing seasons considering he dropped down a level into the Championship.

But Euro 2020 offers a magnificent opportunity to turn things around instantly. A good tournament would gets eyes on Wilson and draw teams in.

We think that could earn the Reds millions more. Wilson will be in the public eye and if he shows he’s capable of delivering at the highest level, there will be offers.

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The more offers, the higher the price will go.

But make no mistake – Liverpool are taking a chance here. They could have settled and sold Wilson ahead of the tournament. He’s good enough that there would have been a buyer somewhere.

And in waiting, they risk Wilson being lost in the shuffle after the tournament when there will be a scramble for players. On top of that, Liverpool’s need for sales means waiting shortens the window in which they can sign players themselves.

But Liverpool a situation like this can make things easier. Hopefully, Wilson catches the eye and brings in some extra cash off the back of his displays.

That’s the ideal scenario and Liverpool are taking a chance on it.

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