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Opinion: Phillipe Coutinho could be a dream mentor for Curtis Jones

Liverpool might have the chance to sign Philippe Coutinho this summer and that could benefit Curtis Jones. It’s an unorthodox plan that could work.

AS in Spain claims there’s potentially a strange deal for Philippe Coutinho on the table. Barcelona don’t really want to pay the money they still owe for him and that could see Coutinho offered back to Liverpool for the remaining amount.

Now, we think it’s more complicated than that. There’s a lot to consider there and at the very least, we think Barcelona will drop their price further.

The question then becomes ‘do Liverpool even want Coutinho?’ and that’s not an easy one, either. They undoubtedly improved once he left, for one thing.

But they did that by using the cash to sign world-class players. What if they could have those world-class players and Coutinho? At the very least, they don’t have a player like him.

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Not yet, anyway.

Coutinho and Curtis Jones

The closest thing Liverpool have to Coutinho is Curtis Jones. They’re not identical, of course. Jones will likely never have Coutinho’s technical ability but he is a much more physical player.

But their similarities aren’t so much in player type – they’re in what they bring to the team.

Coutinho was a fantastic player at Liverpool and was the one who look to break defensive lines. He could do that with a pass, he could do it with a dribble, or he’d simply take up the right positions to receive a pass.

That’s essentially the role Jones shines at now. As we detailed here, he ranks among the very best in the Premier League for progressing with the ball.

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Jones is fifth for moving with the ball, sixth for moving it forwards, fifth for dribbling into the final third. He’s eighth for passing into the final third, too.

That’s quite special from a player who only just turned 20 in what was his first full senior season. There’s a lot more to come here.

This could be one advantage of bringing back Coutinho, then. He’d operate as a wonderful mentor for Jones, helping him to develop even more of this creativity.

After all, nothing will help the Scouser more than working with someone who is elite at it. And Coutinho at his best – and Coutinho under Jurgen Klopp – is elite at it.

We honestly don’t know how likely Coutinho to Liverpool is. Probably not very. But if it could happen, this is certainly one part of the investment.

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