Reported £300k-a-week wage demands explain Gini Wijnaldum decision
Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Reported £300k-a-week wage demands explain Gini Wijnaldum decision

Gini Wijnaldum has asked for an incredible wage, according to reports. It explains Liverpool’s decision to let his contract expire.

This comes from Bild. They claim Gini Wijnaldum asked Bayern Munich for a staggering wage in recent talks with the club. The Bavarians will pass.

Wijnaldum wanted around £300k-a-week, which is an enormous amount for nearly any player on the planet. For comparison, Mohamed Salah is reportedly on a £200k-a-week contract.

It puts some perspective on what seems like a harsh Liverpool decision.

Gini Wijnaldum wage demands

Wijnaldum has not made it a secret that he’d rather stay with the Reds. He openly said as much after Sunday’s game.

“I hoped to play many more years for the club but unfortunately things went different,” he told Sky Sports.

“I think everyone knows in football that anything can happen but the situation right now is that on July 1 I’m not a Liverpool player anymore.”

So here’s a fantastic player, who fits perfectly with Liverpool, with a remarkable track record, and he wants to play for the club. Yet, they won’t sign him to a new contract.

It’s harsh – until you see those wage demands.

Now, we imagine Wijnaldum asked Bayern for more than he asked Liverpool. We could be wrong there but that’s our hunch.

But anything north of £200k-a-week was going to be tough for the Reds. As good as Wijnaldum is, he’s not quite in that Salah bracket. And putting him on par with those players would create a chain.

Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

In fact, just about every first-team player from the last two seasons would want similar. Perhaps they already do but Liverpool would set a precedent with Wijnaldum that they can’t go back on.

Shouldn’t Andy Robertson be on £200k-a-week if Wijnaldum is? Shouldn’t Fabinho and Alisson? The latter two are particularly relevant as Liverpool plan discussion this summer.

Then there’s Wijnaldum’s age. He turned 30 this season and Liverpool won’t want to pay him £200k-a-week – or close – up until he’s 33 or 34. It just doesn’t make financial sense as his skills start to fade.

The Mirror claims they have a policy in place to prevent such a scenario, in fact.

We covered a lot of this in our ‘Why is Gini Wijnaldum leaving?‘ piece but the £300k-a-week demand puts a figure on it. Letting Wijnaldum leave when he wants to stay is a harsh decision on a club legend.

At the same time, it’s one Liverpool probably had to make.


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