This means more: Five Liverpool players who never give up
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This means more: Five Liverpool players who never give up

Liverpool never give up. It’s why they have scored 38 goals in the 90th minute of a Premier League game, a whopping 13 more than any other club. It is also why they have their fate in their own hands on Sunday against Crystal Palace after a very difficult season.

Here are five players who have kept fighting for the cause no matter what.

Mo Salah

“Never Give Up” said the t-shirt before the epic Liverpool and Barcelona match. Sometimes, the lack of love or true appreciation for what Mo Salah brings off the pitch is a headscratcher. A club source said in March: “He is the darling of the sports science department and has barely missed a training session. He is popular, warm, funny and more self-deprecating than he can appear.”

We can agree with the latter. His joshing around with Dejan Lovren was some of the best deadpan humour you could see. As Klopp said: “’I know how much Mo is committed to this team and this club. He is working his socks off and he’s in a really good moment” Who are we to doubt his loyalty? Gossip never turns into reality because Salah is as loyal as they come.

James Milner

Milner’s hilarious lockdown videos were liquid gold in a time when we were all in a sea of uncertainty. His commitment to Liverpool’s cause was never more evident when the Reds beat Barcelona at Anfield on that famous night. He broke down, the iron will inside leaking out some true tough man tears.

It was apt that the match ended with the 35-year-old shielding the ball near the touchline like a true warrior. When his contract ends next summer there has to be one hell of a send-off, hopefully with another Premier League trophy to boot. Milner has blood red in his veins now.

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Nat Phillips

Knock me down with a feather. Well, Nat Phillips would probably knock you down like a boulder, but who would have thought that the likeable Bolton lad would be such a mainstay of Liverpool’s push for the top four. Fresh from throwing his head at Burnley’s heat-seeking missiles on Wednesday, he also scored at the other end. After winning Liverpool’s player of the month for March, Klopp said of him: “I couldn’t really love our supporters [more] for giving this award to him“. 

“It’s well deserved because he helped us a lot, he’s a brilliant guy, he’s an extremely smart guy and enjoys the moment a lot.” That head might need a rest after Sunday.


You can’t keep a good man down. Alisson is a very good man. That much was obvious as he revealed the goodwill messages from rival clubs during that emotional interview at the Hawthorns. Despite the tragic death of his father earlier in the year, the Brazilian has kept going through the storm.

In the match programme notes before March’s game against Chelsea, Klopp wrote: “The greatest tribute possible to Alisson’s father is the person his son is and has become. ”Our supporters should know that he feels their love and compassion.” He certainly does. His save against Napoli made Old Big Ears possible. His goal against West Brom kept the dream of returning for number seven alive.

Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Jordan Henderson

The Liverpool skipper may be out of sight, but he is certainly not out of mind. His presence is visible even when he’s not on the pitch. It seems almost inexplicable that Henderson had to justify his presence in the team not so long ago. Over the last three years, his journey has been one of the most emotionally satisfying.

When Henderson received the Football Writers’ Award, his manager was proud: “I know the human being behind the player and you would deserve an award for that as well.” Liverpool have learnt to live without Henderson for a short period, but his leadership is among the most valuable imaginable. His voice has never been more missed.

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