Liverpool set to extend their Premier League fair play record to 5 years
Photo by PAUL ELLIS/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Liverpool set to extend their Premier League fair play record to 5 years

Liverpool should increase their Premier League fair play record to five years this Sunday. The Reds host Crystal Palace on the final day.

Liverpool are on the brink of yet another Premier League fair play award. It would be fifth straight year of topping that table.

No other team has ever won more than two in a row, making this current run quite remarkable. It would also be Liverpool’s ninth since the award began in 1993 – comfortably a record.

Liverpool have no red cards in the league this season, while they also have the fewest yellow cards with 38. Burnley come closest to matching the Reds with 47 yellows and one red.

It would take a bizarre final day to stop Liverpool from winning a fifth in a row, then. We’d essentially need a brawl to happen, with a couple of red cards or everyone on the team getting booked.

But we can’t quite see that happening.

Instead, this should be another year of Liverpool being the cleanest, fairest team in the Premier League. We’d prefer the actual title but at least it’s something.

Liverpool to win Fair Play award

It’s quite amazing that Liverpool have kept up this run despite their incredibly high-press and intensity under Jurgen Klopp. You’d think that would lead to more fouls.

Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

But perhaps it works the other way. Teams don’t have the ball very often against Liverpool, playing it fast and long under the press. The Reds also dominate possession by taking their time with the ball.

Maybe they just don’t get that many opportunities to foul, then. And Liverpool aren’t as cynical as certain other possession-heavy sides when it comes to stopping counter-attacks.

And really, that’s been a blessing this season. With all of the injuries, a couple of suspensions would have made things even more difficult.

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