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Liverpool to set up Supporters Board alongside Spirit of Shankly

Liverpool will set up a Supporters Board alongside the Spirit of Shankly union. It’s a historic change to how the club will run.

The Spirit of Shankly supporters union announced on Thursday that Liverpool will set up a Supporters Board. This comes after talks between the group and club CEO Billy Hogan.

The board, headed by SoS, will have the power and influence to say yes or no to matters that influence fans. Notably, that would include any breakaway leagues.

There will be a formal recognition between LFC and SoS written into the club’s constitution. That effectively means the agreement will stand beyond ownership and should FSG sell, the board remains.

Both FSG and SoS will collaborate with the government’s independent review into football, too, while Liverpool’s owners also agree to cover any costs that come as a result of the failed Super League plans.

“We believe this is a unique deal and recommend its acceptance,” says union chairman Joe Blott.

“We see this as a chance to help shape the future of our club and put us at the forefront of changing football in general.”

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What does the Supporters Board mean?

This essentially means that members of the union can directly stop anything that could negatively impact supporters. That includes something like the Super League but it also includes things like ticket prices.

Importantly, the new board can also raise issues themselves. Again, that could mean ticketing or even just matchday problems that the union wants correcting.

The most important thing, though, is that this board would not answer to the owners. It would become a part of the club and only serve the club’s supporters.

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As SoS are quick to point out, it means they can tackle things with purely an interest in football, rather than the FSG’s financial concerns. That’s something supporters should welcome.

It’s important to note that this hasn’t gone through yet. SoS are a union, after all, and require an agreement from their members to move forward. That’ll be the next step, certainly.

We should also mention that while SoS would head this board, they won’t be the only group on it. There is room for ‘affiliates’ alongside them.

So all in all, this is potentially a great day for Liverpool supporters. It’s a step forward in having their voices heard permanently in the overall running of the club.

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