Report: Liverpool face significant fine from Premier League

Liverpool face a significant fine from the Premier League, according to reports. This comes after relative leniency from UEFA.

Liverpool, along with the other clubs involved in the failed Super League plans, face punishment. There’s no getting away from that – these organising bodies want to send a message.

First is UEFA. They want to show their muscle and put the 12 clubs back into line. That also, importantly, want to discourage any Super League plans down the line.

And they attempted to do that on Friday. We think. UEFA revealed their punishments for nine of the 12 clubs – essentially, those clubs who backed out.

We still have to see what happens to Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid but we know what Liverpool face. And it’s not all that bad.

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Liverpool will pay into a £13m contribution to grassroots football, though that’s a combined £13m – the Reds pay a fraction of that. They’ll also lose 5% of UEFA revenue for a year.

That will likely be next season, then, with Liverpool in either the Champions League or Europa League.

There’s also a £90m fine for any club trying to setup a Super League again. Which, given the riches involved, doesn’t seem like all that much.

That’s UEFA’s attempt at punishment, then. It’s really quite light and they’ve taken a lenient approach to all of this to say the least. Perhaps that changes with the remaining three giants but as far as Liverpool are concerned, it’s not too bad.

But there’s another punishment coming from the Premier League.

Premier League to fine Liverpool

This comes from the Telegraph. They claim that the Premier League will fine Liverpool and the five other Super League founders.

More importantly, the report says Liverpool face a significant fine. This will be a harsher punishment than UEFA’s.

And there’s good reason for that. UEFA wanted to appease clubs as the Super League was a direct competition to them. They don’t want them running away.

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But the Premier League was supposed to remain as a cash-cow for those six founders. That gives them a position of power to effectively put the clubs in line.

On top of that, there are 14 other clubs who weren’t involved. They want to see punishment and the Premier League will want to keep them happy.

There’s more to come, then. Liverpool do face a heavy fine and the real question may be who pays it?

The Spirit of Shankly supporters union want FSG to handle any punishments out of their own pockets, rather than the club’s. We may need to see exactly what the Premier League plan before seeing a commitment there.

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