Report: Liverpool to avoid 2-year UEFA ban but still face punishment

Liverpool should escape a ban from UEFA competition, according to reports. They likely will face some form of punishment, however.

This comes from ESPN. They claim that Liverpool shouldn’t receive a ban from UEFA competition.

That’s something very much on the table, however, as fallout from the Super League plans continue.

As you might have heard, 10 major European clubs, as well as Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur, attempted to break away from UEFA to create their own competition. The Super League would have been a relegation-free format – for the founders, anyway – essentially guaranteeing them wealth and superiority.

Wealth and superiority they already have, of course, only they wanted more of it.

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The plans were met with stern competition from all corners and the English clubs eventually pulled out just days after the announcement. Atletico Madrid and Internazionale soon joined them in that.

Now just four remain – Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus and AC Milan.

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UEFA will sanction all 12 clubs but it appears they’ll do so to varying degrees. They’ve come to agreements with the eight who have already pulled out and, apparently, that will see lighter punishments.

The harshest they can hand out is a two-year ban from UEFA competition. Liverpool, in giving up on the plans, appear to have spared themselves that.

We’ll have to wait and see what comes of all this, then. It sounds as though Liverpool will face some sort of punishment, however – we imagine a fine of some sorts.

Liverpool to escape UEFA ban

It’s hardly a surprise that Liverpool will face some sort of punishment. If it’s one that spares the fans, players and coaching staff, then wonderful.

A fine would do that and it’s notable that the Spirit of Shankly recently put it to FSG that they should handle any financial costs of the Super League plans. A fine from UEFA would fall under that.

And to us, that seems fair. Everyone at Liverpool was against the idea except the owners, it seems. Thus they, surely, should take the burden there.

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But honestly, the big takeaway from all of this is that it isn’t over. Real, Barcelona, Juve and Milan are hanging on. They’ll only dig in further if UEFA try to punish them.

Will that see the Super League plans fire up again? Possibly. The ESPN report talks about legal proceedings and unbreakable contracts. It even mentions a potentially bizarre argument that the Super League was never technically a thing, just an idea to put forward to UEFA. In other words, there’s more to come.

It remains to be seen if UEFA have the stomach for that. They usually don’t.

But from a Liverpool point of view, we just want FSG to pay a fine and move forwards. It’s time to use this entire debacle as a push for positive change.

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