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When can Manchester United v Liverpool be rescheduled to?

Last weekend saw a bizarre scene unfold at Old Trafford. Liverpool were supposed to take on Manchester United but the game was postponed due to fans protesting on the pitch. Now everybody is wondering when can Manchester United v Liverpool be rescheduled to? We all want to see Man U v Liverpool but just when can it be played? Well, the answer isn’t so easy.

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Why was Man United v Liverpool postponed?

The Glazer family took control of Manchester United in 2005.

The ownership was met with immediate opposition in some corners of the fan base and this opposition has only grown over time.

The crux of the matter is that fans are against the Glazer’s buying the club with a loan which was then loaded onto the club, whilst they continue to take dividends out of the business.

Recently Manchester United were involved in the Super League debacle.

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The short lived, ill fated cash grab breakaway attempt was met with venomous resistance from fans far and wide.

For many in the United fan base it was seen as the last straw with the Glazers.

As a result, thousands of supporters gathered outside Old Trafford in protest on Sunday afternoon.

Eventually a section of the protestors stormed the pitch in an unprecedented move.

Meanwhile other protestors were outside the team hotel preventing the team bus from moving.

Late in the afternoon the decision was taken for Manchester United v Liverpool to be postponed due to safety concerns.

When can Manchester United v Liverpool be rescheduled to?

This is one of the biggest games in world football, fans everywhere want to watch it.

When will Man U play Liverpool? It is a tricky one to say the least.

This would be a much easier problem to solve earlier in the season but the issues at the moment are myriad.

United have a relatively congested fixture list and them having one foot in the Europa League final complicates things.

In short there’s no good date available without moving at least one game.

The most suitable date for Liverpool to play United would be the 15th of May, Cup Final day.

However, this would mean the Reds playing West Brom a week earlier.

Given the end of the season approaching the opportunities are limited.

Teams are all meant to kick off at the same time on the final day, the only exception in the past being when a bomb threat delayed Man United v Bournemouth by a day.

However, even this exceptional circumstance isn’t an option due to the Europa League final just three days after the end of the Premier League season.

Just where this is going nobody knows. Surely, Man United would have to forfeit the points if this can’t go ahead?

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