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Liverpool would open door for midfield targets with Naby Keita sacrifice

Liverpool could allow themselves an array of midfield targets if they sold Naby Keita. Reports suggest that’s a possibility.

The Sunday World claims Liverpool could sell Naby Keita in the transfer window. It would be a very brave move – arguably, the bravest since Jurgen Klopp arrived.

You can read out thoughts on that side of it here.

But what about the other side? It’s a move that would open a gaping hole in Liverpool’s midfield options, one that allows flexibility for targets.

Liverpool midfield targets

We know Liverpool will want a midfielder this summer. Gini Wijnaldum’s contract expires and the club must replace him.

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He’s been the only reliable midfield player this season, after all, with everyone else suffering from issues with injuries or form. Wijnaldum, though, has played every week and done so at a good level.

But how should Liverpool replace Wijnaldum? Do they try and find the same player? Is that even possible?

And if they go with someone more specialised, should that be in attack or defence? They’re important questions, given the reported midfield targets Liverpool are looking at.

That same Sunday World article, for instance, says the Reds like Yves Bissouma for £35m. Bild believes Florian Neuhaus is the one for Liverpool, though.

Then we’ve got Goal claiming earlier this year that Houssem Aouar is on the shortlist.

All three are quite different, however. Bisouma is a hard-working, defense-minded player who competes at the top of the Premier League for tackles and interceptions.

Aouar, on the other hand, is a creative spark who unlocks opposition defences at his best.

Then you’ve got Neuhaus, who is perhaps the most versatile of the three.

Picking the right one is tough – it won’t just come down to who’s better or who’s cheapest. But in selling Keita, Liverpool make it easier.

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Moving Keita on suggests the club don’t think he’s quite good enough. Anyone they sign, though, they think might be. That’s the trade-off on a very base level.

And with Wijnaldum leaving anyway, Liverpool could take a chance on two. They’d effectively double their chances of getting what they want.

They may even end up with two fantastic midfield options.

That could be going with both Bissouma and Aouar, for instance. Liverpool would then have a wonderfully deep array of options for different situations.

Or maybe they see Neuhaus as an all-action star but also want the security and proven quality of Bissouma? Free up two options – and money – and suddenly both are possible.

Selling Keita would be a big decision and a real risk. The upside, though, is that Liverpool could be very flexible with their plans this summer.

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