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Report: Liverpool caught by £12m surprise cost in Ibrahima Konate pursuit

Liverpool have been caught with a surprise cost as they try to sign Ibrahima Konate, according to reports. The Reds will supposedly complete the deal soon.

This comes from the Telegraph. They claim that Ibrahima Konate could cost Liverpool around £40m.

They’re far from the first to report that the Reds are close to signing the player, though. The Guardian said similar this week, for instance, while the Daily Mail believe Liverpool are ready to push ahead.

Bild made a claim a few weeks ago, too, saying that Liverpool would pay around £28m for Konate. That seemed like an absolute bargain – too good to be true, almost.

Well, apparently, it was.

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The Telegraph’s report says Liverpool were caught a little off guard with the overall package for Konate. They’ll now end up paying around £40m and that wasn’t the initial plan.

The £12m difference takes Konate from being an undoubted bargain to becoming a fairly expensive signing. Certainly, a fee you wouldn’t usually pay for a player with Konate’s experience.

The cost of Konate

Konate is a strange player to judge. He’s undoubtedly very talented and carries a reputation as someone destined for the big-time.

He’s got Champions League and Bundesliga experience under his belt. Konate is also very capable of holding his own in big games for teams towards the top of the table.

But only once has Konate played more than 20 times in a season. That was in 18/19 before hip problems began keeping him out.

Now, Liverpool clearly believe those problems are nothing to worry about. But at the same time, Konate hasn’t really been properly tested at the top.

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There was one season, of course, but even after this one is done, that 18/19 campaign will remain the sole time Konate played at least 16 league games.

Liverpool are taking a bit of a chance on Konate, then, and a £12m ‘surprise’ isn’t a nice one.

But at the end of the day, Konate is still a risk worth taking, even at £40m. His potential is fantastic and if Liverpool get this one right, they’re set at centre-back for a long, long time.

In fact, if things work out immediately, Konate will be worth far more than £40m in just one year. The only real worry in that regard is his hip injury but if Liverpool are confident, then there’s nothing to worry about.

For £28m or £40m, Konate should be a great signing.

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