Major transfer problem shadows Liverpool after FSG plans collapse

Are we about to see a transfer problem at Liverpool after FSG went back on their Super League plans? It’s a worrying question right now.

FSG hoped to secure Liverpool’s future in the elite by joining a Super League. You probably heard that this week, in fact.

It would have been enormously lucrative if it hadn’t fallen apart in a few days. The New York Times initially reported, for instance, that clubs would receive around £300m just for signing up.

And make no mistake – there was absolutely enormous money in this. As we detailed here, a USA-style league system guarantees wealth for clubs and owners.

We’re talking huge figures for TV rights that dwarf what we see now. These clubs would have controlled all of that TV money for themselves, too, as they ran the league.

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No necessary qualification would have made that money guaranteed every single year. At that point, building ‘teams’ around superstars you can market a brand off makes more sense than actually trying to win.

Thus a lot of this money would have been for such transfers. We’ve already seen Florentino Perez claim there won’t be big signings this summer without a Super League.

That makes us wonder – just how much will this affect Liverpool’s plans?

FSG transfer plan

James Pearce recently talked about the RedBird investment into FSG. He said that the money would allow Liverpool to ‘offset’ the pandemic losses and carry on as normal.

“What this investment will do is allow Liverpool to absorb the impact of the pandemic,” he told the Athletic.

“So where they would’ve needed to cut back to deal with what they now believe to be around a £120m dip in revenue, this will allow them to operate as they normally do, which means there’ll be a set amount of money aside that can be invested, and that will be swelled by what can be invested into sales.”

Our worry, then, is that the plan only worked with Super League money involved. We find it hard to believe, after all, that the subject of Liverpool suddenly becoming a lot more lucrative didn’t come up in negotiations.

Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

And it would be a reasonably big worry, too. Liverpool need plenty of transfers over the coming years and that’ll cost a chunk of cash. Particularly, if they try and do it in one go.

Their squad is ageing fast, with nearly every start turning 30 in the next 18 months. They’ll need replacing or things will get bad.

Just look at Real Madrid and Barcelona to see how an ageing squad can lead to issues, for instance. Wait too long and you have to do it all at once. That might be possible when you have a Super League’s-worth of incoming cash but without it, clubs can become desperate.

So desperate, in fact, that they try and tear apart football to cover their own mistakes.

We have no doubt that FSG see a squad overhaul on the horizon. We’re just now worried that they were to fix it with money from a Super League.

If that was the case, Liverpool may need to act fast and start tearing things up now. The huge incoming windfall that allows a team to restructure over the short-term is not coming.

FSG will have to do that piece by piece, transfer by transfer over a few years. But that likely starts now.

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