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Will Liverpool get a point deduction? Report sheds light on current mood

Football has been to hell and back in the past few days. The sport as know it today was under threat, under attack even. Thankfully it looks as though we’ve repelled this offensive. Now it is about dealing with the perpetrators. Fans are wondering ‘will Liverpool get a point deduction?’ Sky has reported the latest.

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Rise and fall of The Super League

Has an idea so big ever failed so quickly?

On Sunday night a dozen clubs announced that they were forming a breakaway Super League.

The guilty parties (Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham, AC Milan, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus and Real Madrid) faced an immediate and ferocious backlash.

The reason for the violent and sweeping condemnation is that the Super League threatened the very existence of football as we know it.

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The clubs wanted to replace the Champions League with a closed shop which they would play in every year.

This meant that the football pyramid would be undermined, threatening the livelihood of clubs across the continent.

Fans came out in vehement protest against the Super League.

Supporters screamed outside Elland Road on Monday night.

Fans blocked the team bus at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday night.

In the wake of these protests clubs started pulling out one by one.

By the end of the night on Tuesday all of the Premier League teams involved had withdrawn.

On Wednesday morning Juventus chief Andrea Agnelli accepted that the Super League could no longer go ahead.

Will Liverpool get a point deduction?

The announcement of The Super League was vastly unpopular.

The cash grab threatened the core of our sport and as a result fans up and down the country want severe punishments dished out.

Many supporters are asking ‘will Liverpool get a point deduction?’

Sky Sports News have provided an update on the penalty situation with Kaveh Solhekol telling the channel:

“Okay, so we’re talking about punishments. Will there be points deductions? Will there be fines?

“What I’ve been hearing just in the last half hour or so is this is the process that’s being followed at the moment.

“The mood I’m being told amongst the 14 clubs is to punish individuals not punish the six clubs because the feeling is if you punish the six clubs with a point deduction or something like that, you’re actually punishing the fans and they’re blameless in this.

“The 14 clubs don’t want to punish the fans of these six breakaway clubs they want to punish the people responsible.

“The kind of people we are speaking about are the CEO’s of these clubs.”

What RTK has to say

Liverpool deserve a point deduction, they deserve the book to be thrown at them.

However, this would likely be an unproductive mode of action.

The 14 clubs have it right in targeting the crooked executives instead of hurting the fans with point deductions and banishments.

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