FSG sale isn't enough - Liverpool fans must get behind calls for revolution

Simply pushing for an FSG sale shouldn’t be enough for Liverpool fans. It’s time for the Reds to get behind a revolution in football.

The Super League feels dead right now though, technically, it isn’t. Florentino Perez announced on Spanish TV last night that it’s simply ‘on hold’.

It’s still a thing, then, and that should alarm people. English clubs may well try and jump back in. They may push forward without English clubs.

Either way, the thought remains and it’s one that would take football away from the fans and into the owners’ pockets. They want to control it and, importantly, control the wealth.

Perez’s insistence that the project still exists proves that the thinking still exists and it won’t go away. The battle is won but not the war, to get very cliché.

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But that’s also why Liverpool fans can’t simply push FSG to sell the club. We’ve got to want more here or this isn’t going away.

An FSG sale

John Barnes spoke on this issue with BBC breakfast yesterday.

“If Liverpool fans are unhappy and they say they want to get rid of John Henry and want him to sell the club, who do they want him to sell the club to?” he asked. “Somebody with more money than him?

“If somebody comes in with the same amount of money, how do you think they got that money? By making decisions based on finance without regard [for the fans].”

He’s bang on the money. Any sale from FSG would just bring in someone else with an agenda that’s at odds with the fans.

Perhaps it’s people using the club to generate money for themselves once again. Maybe it’s a state looking to ‘sport wash’ their image. Either way, it’s not pretty and it’s further pulling the team away from the fans.

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But there is an alternative to fight for – representation. There is a push to implement a ’50+1 rule’ as there is in Germany and it’s something all fans should get behind.

It would see fans own the majority of clubs, making sure they can’t be used for private financial gain. It’s a safety net that hands the power to those who matter.

Pushes and pulls for Super League-like ventures will keep happening, otherwise. Inequality between clubs will continue to grow and fans will continue to be priced out of stadiums and TV contracts if we continue down the same path.

But an actual revolution in football is possible and we can push for it.

Liverpool fans know how this one can turn out, after all. We all saw Tom Hicks and George Gillet come in and make promises. It turned out they just wanted to fleece the club for money.

They sold (or rather, were forced to) and FSG came in. Now we’re here.

It’s time to push for something bigger. The last few days have shown it’s possible to get the change people want.

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