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Spirit of Shankly statement perfect as they reject John Henry apology

Liverpool supporters group Spirit of Shankly delivered a statement on Wednesday in response to John Henry’s apology. It was perfectly put.

We’re sure you’ve seen the John Henry apology video but if you haven’t, we’ll put it below. It’s not exactly sincere.

In the video, Henry apologises to everyone he can think of and discussed how he wants to do things in line with fans’ thinking. If that is the case, it’s strange that literally no fan was asked about the Super League proposal.

As for what that thinking was, fans across England made it perfectly clear this week. The Super League isn’t happening and change, hopefully, is coming.

That’s the call from Spirit of Shankly, who released a statement in wake of Henry’s apology.

We won’t post the entire thing here but you can read it on their site.

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They reject the apology, accusing Henry of ‘crocodile tears’ and point their anger towards the ‘arrogance and deception’ at FSG.

More importantly, they call for change. This can be a catalyst, they say, to push the game back to the fans and away from the desires of billionaire owners.

Spirit of Shankly nail it

They’re spot on. The worry here is that fans stop and believe this battle is won. It really, really isn’t.

These owners, or more specifically the people with power in football, still want to guarantee themselves success at the expense of the game. We know that because of the new Champions League system.

As SoS point out, the new UEFA Champions League setup will create more games between top sides and effectively guarantee spots for big clubs. It will no longer be a merit-based competition, though you can argue it’s been that way for some time now.

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SoS want a new model that pushes aside the money-men in favour of competition and fans. That, surely, is something everyone can get behind.

It may mean a hit to the biggest clubs, of course. They’d lose their position of privilege and power. Fans have to prepare to accept that.

But without it, this attempt at the Super League is just the start. They’ll continue to grow more powerful, continue to grow more wealthy and try this again under a new guise.

“Time for change,” says SoS. They’re absolutely right and we don’t have that yet. We can’t afford the status quo to remain.

These owners want to drag the clubs through the mud for their own financial gain. They’ll try again.

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