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Liverpool fans' fight to get FSG out makes 2010 victory seem small

Liverpool fans face a fight to get FSG out of their club. It’s one that makes the 2010 victory seem small in comparison.

It seems as though the European Super League is done for. Clubs are pulling out and everything is collapsing around the 12 clubs that started it.

And that’s wonderful.

But it can’t stop with that. Certainly not at the clubs involved – the fans finally got proof that the owners do not care about them.

This was a move to hurt football and Americanise the sport. They want to close the shop, guarantee money for themselves and dramatically drive up the value of their assets. Guaranteed money does that, after all.

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The only people who benefitted were the owners of those specific clubs. Competition suffered, the game suffered, other clubs suffered. Put it all together and the fans, en masse, suffered.

Those owners knew that but still chased the money. Thus this will not be the last time this happens.

The only way to change things, then, is to continue fighting for change. That’s something Liverpool fans already did in 2010 and they’ll have to do it again.

The people running the club don’t have the fans’ interests in mind. That creates a battle for power and it’s one either side can win.

After all, when Liverpool fans wanted Tom Hicks and George Gillett out, they got them out. What they brought in was FSG (then NESV) who were better, certainly.

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The actual future of the club was no longer in danger, for one, and the fans were happier to take a chance on something new. What FSG have brought, however, is the increased commercialisation of LFC. They then pushed that to its limit this week.

And they’ll try again, of course. They almost certainly invested in the club with this kind of move in mind and they’ll want it to happen.

Getting them out will be tougher, however. Far tougher than 2010.

Because FSG don’t want to sell, clearly. They want to milk Liverpool for everything they can, even if it destroys what they club once was.

You can’t push them out without a sustained fight. You also can’t do it while things are good – if they continue to make money, they’ll put up with anger.

Honestly, we’re not sure how the fans win this one without sacrificing something. All we do know is that Liverpool, surely, have to get FSG out.

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