'Legend': Fans from all over praise James Milner after ESL comments


'Legend': Fans from all over praise James Milner after ESL comments

Football fans from all over the place praised James Milner on Monday evening after he spoke out against the European Super League (ESL). Milner is one of the few players to voice concerns.

James Milner doesn’t want the ESL to happen. Few players have spoken out against it but the Liverpool vice-captain did so after the 1-1 draw with Leeds United.

“It’s the same as everyone, there are a lot of questions,” he told Sky Sports. “I can only say my personal opinion – I don’t like it and hopefully, it doesn’t happen.”

That earned Milner praise from Gary Lineker but the ex-England striker wasn’t the only one. In fact, fans from various clubs applauded the Liverpool star.

Fans on Milner

What RTK has to say

It’s still crazy to see how much the European Super League has united football fans across Europe. Although, not in the way the 12 founders hoped, of course.

But there’s still a long way to go with all of this. Those clubs – or more specifically, those owners – will not give up their cash cow/money tree/greedy destruction of football without a fight.

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In fact, they may not give it up full-stop. It will take an absolute rejection of the eventual league before it goes away.

Maybe that’s asking too much. There will be fans who watch it and support it. We vehemently disagree with those fans but it’s inevitable.

But if more players like Milner speak out against the ESL, the easier that rejection becomes. It will take more players, managers, agents, fans, and everyone else doing the same, though.

This is one for the long-haul.

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