Jurgen Klopp attack on Gary Neville a result of FSG failure at Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp didn’t hold back on Gary Neville after the latter’s Liverpool comments. The boss got this one wrong – but we entirely understand.

We do hate to do this but Jurgen Klopp got it a little wrong when he went after Gary Neville last night. Though, at the same time, we get what he means.

Klopp on Neville

“I wish Gary Neville would be in a hot seat somewhere and not where the most money is,” he said after the game.

“He was at Manchester United where the most money was and now he’s at Sky where the most money is.

“Don’t forget that we have nothing to do with this. We are in the same situation like you all. We got the information yesterday and we still have to play football.”

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That came after Klopp condemned Leeds United fans for their attitude towards the Liverpool team bus.

“We are here, we are the face of the club and arrived here and Leeds fans shouted at us as though we made the decision but we didn’t,” he said.

Klopp is completely right – 100 per cent. He is not to blame, nor are the players and no one should criticise them.

We’re just not sure anyone has. In fact, Klopp trended on Twitter throughout the day as everyone anticipated his reaction to the ESL. Fans of all clubs supported him, waiting to hear his words.

What we got were slightly withdrawn, defensive comments. Klopp did say he was against the idea, though.

We think his defensive attitude came from a disconnect. The boss felt people were attacking him and the players when they said ‘Liverpool’. They weren’t.

Neville, certainly, aimed his anger towards the club. That is, the people who own and run the club – not the people they employ. Similarly, Leeds United fans weren’t attacking the players, they were attacking the club.

But Klopp hits the nail on the head when he says he and the players are the face. They absolutely are and that’s why they got the shirts from Leeds, the anger of the Leeds fans and why so much attention surrounded the game.

FSG fail Klopp

And that simply must go down as a failure from FSG. They agreed to put that statement out on Sunday evening, less than 24 hours before a Liverpool match.

The Reds were the first of the 12 teams to play after the announcement. That meant the first figure from any of these clubs to get in front of a camera was Klopp – a man against the idea.

FSG failed Klopp in that regard, much as they’ve failed the fans and the game. They knew this would happen as they knew they’d be the first to play.

Not one of them has given a quote, let alone taken questions. They didn’t even attach quotes to the statement, leaving that to owners of Manchester United.

We understand Klopp’s anger, we understand his defensiveness. He feels he’s being attacked for something he didn’t do.

And that, entirely, is on FSG.

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