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Jamie Carragher perfectly explains how FSG is shamelessly cashing in

Liverpool is a club in turmoil at the moment. The Reds have announced their intention to join a Super League along with 11 other elite sides. The decision has prompted widespread backlash. Speaking on Monday Night Football, Jamie Carragher perfectly explained how FSG are shamelessly cashing in on a history they didn’t build.

Photo by PETER POWELL/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Super League formation

The world of football is currently on a knife edge, or a crossroads, whichever metaphor is more threatening.

The sport as we know it in Europe could be set to change forever thanks to the actions of a dozen greedy clubs.

12 clubs, including Liverpool, have announced their intention to breakaway from UEFA and form a Super League.

The move threatens to devastate the footballing pyramid, threatening the integrity of competitions the continent over.

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Jamie Carragher on FSG greed

The condemnation of the cash grab has been widespread and emphatic.

Speaking on Monday Night Football, Jamie Carragher slammed FSG for their greed and the manner in which they’re cashing in on the club’s history:

“[The Super League owners] are burning the history of what those clubs are about.

“From my own club’s point of view, the only reason that Liverpool are in this or have a chance of being in this Super League is that they’ve won six European Cups or 20 league titles, only one each came under FSG.

“They are using what Liverpool have done in their history going back to Bill Shankly even before that to get into some league and line their own pockets.”

What RTK has to say

This is the point which resonated with me the most last night.

Jamie Carragher has explained perfectly why it is so sickening that FSG and Liverpool are involved here.

Our history is not FSG’s to pawn in order to secure their own financial future.

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