'I’d be saying to my agent': Stan Collymore explains players' ESL position
Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

'I’d be saying to my agent': Stan Collymore explains players' ESL position

Former Liverpool striker Stan Collymore has attempted to explain how players might handle the ESL (European Super League). They’re in a very difficult position.

Liverpool announced on Sunday that they were a founding member for a new European Super League. The league, which is devoid of meaningful competition, effectively guarantees financial dominance for a select few clubs.

One group of people in a strange position are the players, then. There has been an enormous backlash towards the ESL, along with a threat from UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin that players could be banned from international competition.

Stan Collymore, a former Liverpool striker, attempted to explain how players may handle the ESL. It’s a difficult position.

“What will be fascinating now is how this ultimately affects the players and I’d like to think that if I were still playing, I’d be saying to my agent today, ‘I really don’t want to be a part of this, what are my options at the very least?’,” he told the Mirror.

“I know some people will hope that the chance for a player to represent his country at a World Cup or Euros will mean more to him than money.

That one in 10, one in 20, more like one in 50, will say, ‘I’d rather stay loyal to the Premier League and my national team and pick up a great wage rather than a stratospheric one’.

“But I fear in all honesty that if you can go from earning £250,000 a week to £1million a week you’d just legitimise it as, ‘Well, I’m playing for the same club, it’s just my working conditions have changed’”.

What RTK has to say

There’s no chance the ESL clubs haven’t thought of this and certain players can expect some incredibly lucrative contracts heading their way. That’ll understandably convince many to play.

Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

But it won’t convince everyone and, importantly, there won’t be enough contracts for all. Perhaps that’s the make-or-break with this whole thing. Many, many players won’t have a place in the ESL.

It is such a tough position for players, though. Those at Liverpool have just had this dropped on them – they don’t have a choice.

Eventually, though, they will have a choice. And that’s when this whole thing may come to a head.

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