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Alan Shearer says Liverpool should be banned from Premier League

Liverpool have disgraced themselves this week. The Reds have become embroiled in the biggest scandal in modern footballing history, signing up to the despicable Super League. Ex-England striker Alan Shearer has called for Liverpool and the other Super League sides to be banned from the Premier League.

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Liverpool join Super League

The past few days have rocked football.

12 clubs announced their intention to breakaway and form a Super League.

The guilty parties are: Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham, AC Milan, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus and Real Madrid.

The clubs want to start a new midweek competition which they would compete in alongside their domestic leagues.

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The move comes as a direct challenge to UEFA’s revamped Champions League format.

Moving to closed shop format has incensed fans far and wide who see the Super League as an attack on the integrity of the sport.

Alan Shearer on Liverpool punishment

The condemnation of the league has been far reaching.

Personally, I’m yet to see a pundit come out in favour of this disaster.

Alan Shearer has called for Liverpool and the other offending clubs to be banned from the Premier League. The ex-England striker said (via Lancs Live):

“These 12 clubs dropped a huge grenade on the sport with this announcement, and the Premier League should respond with a grenade of their own and say, OK, you’re going to be banned from the Premier League from next season, that’s how they should deal with this.

“These clubs want to have their cake and eat it, they think they can play these Super League games in midweek and their domestic leagues at weekends, but I hope the leagues say no, that’s not happening.”

What RTK has to say

We can’t even argue with him here.

What these clubs have done is reprehensible. They have attacked the sport, nothing short of that. It has been an attack.

Liverpool deserve everything they get, hopefully FSG will have the good grace to sell up after this.

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