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'They say this': Gini Wijnaldum addresses conflicting reports over future

Gini Wijnaldum spoke out on recent reports over his Liverpool future. There are conflicting rumours about.

The Times reported last week that Gini Wijnaldum will join Barcelona at the end of the season. His contract is up, of course, allowing him to move for nothing.

The Liverpool Echo, however, say he hasn’t told Liverpool of any such deal. They believe his future is still in the air.

Then there’s the Mirror, who believe Liverpool fully expect Wijnaldum to leave and a move to Barcelona is close. So what is the reality?

Wijnaldum himself gave a short update on his future on Tuesday, insisting that nothing has changed. There’s no agreement and no news.

“They will always talk about these things but as I’ve said on other occasions, I have no news still,” Wijnaldum told NOS.

“They say [that there’s an update] in the media but I have no news. When there is I will talk about it, but there isn’t.”

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What RTK has to say

It looks increasingly likely that Wijnaldum is off and almost certainly to Barcelona. But neither is a sure thing – that much is clear.

Barcelona have just elected a new president and we don’t yet know their plans. We also don’t know who else is prepared to give Wijnaldum what he’s asking for.

Both leave the door open to a Liverpool renewal. We imagine it’s third in line right now but the possibility remains until he’s signed with someone else.

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Especially with the confusion in Catalonia.

But as things are, we don’t expect Wijnaldum to be at Liverpool next season. We wish him all the best, of course, but the Reds are almost certainly planning for next season without him.

A renewal would still be good news, though. While they may foresee life without him, that door will remain open until Wijnaldum closes it himself.

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