'He's a master of it': Steven Gerrard trying to learn from Jurgen Klopp
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'He's a master of it': Steven Gerrard trying to learn from Jurgen Klopp

Steven Gerrard says there’s one aspect of coaching he still needs to learn from Jurgen Klopp. He labelled the Liverpool boss ‘a master of it’.

Steven Gerrard may have a league title under his belt but he’s still looking to learn from Jurgen Klopp. Not that it’s surprising.

Gerrard is only three years into his career as a manager – three years in which Klopp has been on top of the world. The Scouser has watched Liverpool win the Champions League and Premier League under the German.

Thus it’s little surprise that Klopp can still teach Gerrard a thing or two. He certainly did while the latter worked at Liverpool as a youth coach before his move to Rangers.

And Gerrard says he learned something from Klopp in that time that he hasn’t quite perfected. Something Klopp ‘is a master’ of.

“One thing I learned from Jurgen is to try and detach yourself and be more balanced around the results,” he said, per the Telegraph. “He is a master of it. I am not. I am trying to get better at it.”

“I was an emotional player, I wore my heart on my sleeve. I feel results and want to be as authentic and real as I can.

“But as a manager, you have to be more balanced.”

What RTK has to say

Klopp has a strange mindset with results – at least, with how he portrays himself in public. He can come away from a defeat in a surprisingly good mood or quite bitter.

But on the whole, his ability to see games for what they are is a huge strength of his. It allows for clarity after a result and, we find, helps inspire confidence from fans that he’s got a handle on things.

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Now, that might be entirely different to how he is privately, or even with the players. But he certainly does a good job in public after games.

It’s no surprise to see that Gerrard wants the trait, too, then. And we love that, given he’s currently setting himself up as Klopp’s successor.

Watching Gerrard’s development as a boss will be interesting to say the least over the next few years. Particularly, in the run up to Klopp’s contract expiring in 2024.

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