Report: Liverpool plan to pass on lucrative International Champions Cup


Report: Liverpool plan to pass on lucrative International Champions Cup

Liverpool won’t participate in the International Champions Cup this summer, according to reports. The Reds have other ideas for their pre-season.

This comes from the Athletic. They claim that Liverpool are ‘highly unlikely’ to play in the International Champions Cup in 2021.

The event is a highly lucrative one for top teams. They receive millions in reward money, play in front of packed stadiums, and all for low-tempo games with little riding on them.

It’s easy to see why elite clubs like it, then – it’s risk-free money and a lot of it.

But Liverpool will pass, it seems. They believe that a European training camp will be far easier to schedule.

That reliability is a bigger draw than an international competition that may or may not happen. After all, the logistics of such an event aren’t obvious in current times.

Instead, Liverpool will focus on their own, private pre-season somewhere in Europe.

What RTK has to say

This isn’t as easy a decision as it first seems. Liverpool, like everyone, have been hit hard financially and this is a way to claw some money back.

Not to mention that the Reds look likely to miss out on further income by missing out on the top four. The ICC millions must be tempting.

But we think this is the right choice. Fitness and planning are paramount for Liverpool this summer. Getting their pre-season right is far more valuable than extra money.

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The Reds have a lot to sort out, after all, after this bizarre season. They need to make sure returning players get the games and fitness they need to be ready for the next campaign.

They can’t afford a hectic schedule or a disorganised tournament just for the sake of a few million. Doing their own thing and getting it right is absolutely the right way to go.

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