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Stan Collymore has a drastic Liverpool plan but it would make things worse

Stan Collymore has a plan for Liverpool. But it’s one that would make things even worse.

Stan Collymore outlined his own plan for Liverpool in his column for the Mirror. It’s drastic.

He believes Liverpool should sell Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane AND Roberto Firmino. Then the Reds simply replace them with Jack Grealish, Erling Haaland and Ansu Fati.

Collymore believes Liverpool would ‘get in excess of £200m’ by selling their front-three. Then they can invest in that new trio.

Now, in our opinion, this plan is moronic. It would almost certainly make things even worse.

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New blood

Honestly, Grealish and Haaland would probably be a magnificent duo together. They’d suit each other very well and there’s real potential, there.

They’d also cost over £200m just as a pair. At this point, where does the Fati money come from? Because Liverpool need to replace Gini Wijnaldum and add a centre-back this summer.

And that’s before approaching the need for squad depth. We don’t want Divock Origi as the bench option, so how do Liverpool buy quality backup?

Even with a £200m windfall from selling your entire attack, it won’t pay for all of this.

And that’s before we get to Fati. The kid is undoubtedly a massive prospect and could have a very bright future. But he’s a fantasy signing.

Not because he’s unattainable but because what Fati would bring is just wishful thinking. He is absolutely not good enough to be the starting right-winger for a challenging side.

He has six La Liga starts, for instance, with four goals this season. Is that going to replace Mohamed Salah’s 17? Because for us, four is a lot less than 17.

Yes, Fati could become a star down the line but it would be a major step backwards right now. We’re talking years before he’s contributing at an elite level.

If you’re waiting years, though, why have you signed the other two? Liverpool’s current success is built on the idea that everyone peaks at the same time. This plan flies in the face of that.

Which brings us to another hallmark of Liverpool’s success – fitting pieces together. The Reds’ team is like a puzzle, with every player taking up the space that others need them to.

Firmino drops, that creates space for Mane and Salah. They’ve cut in, so now the full-backs can push on. The midfield drifts wide to cover them, but Liverpool don’t need their midfield to push forward as Firmino has dropped to link play.

Liverpool built this piece by piece. Jurgen Klopp and co. bought players every year to fit with what they’re got and anyone who didn’t fit stood out – just look at how things improved without misfit Philippe Coutinho.

But Collymore, again, misses that point. Liverpool won’t get back to where they want to be by just going out and buying good players wholesale. That’s the Manchester United way and it doesn’t work.

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Liverpool need to refresh this side the way they know how – piece by piece. Perhaps that means one of the forwards drop out this summer. Maybe two.

But trying to do it all at once would be an almighty risk that almost certainly creates a mess. So when the summer comes, Liverpool must do things their way.

Find the right pieces to move the team forward but stick to their methods. Don’t do the drastic thing and tear everything up – that flies in the face of everything they’ve built their success on.

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