'It is pretty clear': Jurgen Klopp on FSG attitude after talks with owners

Jurgen Klopp has held talks with Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group. He says their attitude is ‘pretty clear’.

Liverpool’s awful form puts pressure on everyone at the club, from top to bottom. The players and Jurgen Klopp arguably feel the brunt of that pressure more than anyone, though.

That’s not to say it isn’t there for FSG, however. They need to make the right decisions over the next few months in order to get things back on track.

That could be the transfer budget they set or it could be changing the club structure.

But what is their attitude? Klopp explained after talks with Liverpool’s owners.

“In Germany, typically the CEO, president or the sporting director gives an interview and faces questions such as ‘Is he the right coach still?’ and all of these kinds of things – and then the manager is already halfway out of the door,” said Klopp, per the Mirror.

“The situation within the club, it is pretty clear.

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“The owners want me to sort the situation and I want to sort this situation together with all of the players – that’s the plan.”

What RTK has to say

Really, we didn’t expect anything different. FSG have never particularly been the hands-on owners we see at other clubs.

They’re in the background making decisions, of course, but they mostly leave things to develop.

So the fact they’re just leaving this one to Klopp follows suit and it par for the course at Liverpool. But that doesn’t mean they’re ignoring things.

Now, there is absolutely no chance they’d move on from Klopp anytime soon. That would be insane.

But we’ve very interested to see what the budget will be this summer. That, after all, is the easiest way the owners can get things back on track.

Yes, they can put their faith in Klopp and ask him to handle it. But at some point, they need to provide what help they can.

They may decide to change nothing. They could hope that the injury crisis will end this summer and everything will be back to normal next season.

Photo by PHIL NOBLE/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

No need for great investment as things will correct themselves. That’s a mentality that, honestly, we expect. There’s some logic to it, too.

But we do think that would be a mistake. There are bigger problems at Liverpool right now and the injury crisis may be a result of them.

Ignoring them and hoping for the best might work. But if it doesn’t, it’s a decision that could set Liverpool back years.

Their ageing squad and misfiring stars mean there isn’t much room for getting this one wrong. So if they really want to put their faith in Klopp, they’re going to have to back him.

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