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Report: Liverpool to sell Divock Origi to create room for signing

Liverpool will sell Divock Origi this summer, according to reports. The Reds must make room for a new signing.

This comes from Eurosport. They claim Liverpool will sell Divock Origi this summer.

Their reasoning is simple – they need space for someone new. Who that is, however, isn’t clear.

The article mentions that Liverpool aren’t even sure what their budget will be, so identifying someone new is tough right now. They’ll know more come the end of the campaign.

What RTK has to say

This makes complete sense and it’s what we expected. There’s just no room for Origi anymore, despite his previous heroics.

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First and foremost, moving Origi on has to happen because he’s not providing anything. The 25-year-old had one Premier League goal in 2020 and zero this season.

At this point, there’s no reason for Liverpool to keep him around. They’re not getting anything out of him.

Then there are the practical reasons for selling Origi. Firstly, he’ll bring in money.

We have no idea how much right now but he’s still an experienced forward who should be coming into his prime years. Origi’s reputation will command a certain price and Liverpool can expect an offer from somewhere.

As a foreign player, too, Origi’s departure opens up a spot in Liverpool’s foreign player quota. That’s vital, given the Reds are pushing their limits as it is.

We’re not sure who Liverpool could move for, though. Do they want a play-and-play forward who’s ready to contribute right away?

Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Or do they simply want a young player who offers more in a squad role than Origi?

Diogo Jota’s immediate success gives them something to aim for. There are players out there who can dramatically improve this squad, even if they’re not a ready-made superstar.

So we’ll see what Liverpool do. Selling Origi, though, is the obvious start.

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