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'I disagree': Jamie Carragher offers own take on Thiago vs RB Leipzig

Jamie Carragher believes some have misjudged how Thiago played against RB Leipzig. The Spaniard earned himself some rave reviews.

It’s been a mixed bag for Thiago at Liverpool. He’s had some difficult games against difficult opponents – and that hasn’t always gone well.

Tuesday, though, may have been his best showing yet. He produced a wonderfully controlled, comfortable midfield display against RB Leipzig.

And that’s exactly what Liverpool needed. They were away in the UEFA Champions League, after all – comfort and control were luxuries.

Thiago found a way to provide them, however. In fact, Liverpool noticeably lost control as soon as he went off. The Spaniard shone.

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Now, for some, it was a standout performance. Jamie Carragher disagrees with that notion, however.

“I agree Thiago played well,” he wrote for the Telegraph. “Where I disagree is that he was more impressive than usual because there have been many games where he has been excellent and Liverpool still lost.

“A scoreline can camouflage the reality of an individual’s contribution. We too often believe a defeat equates to underperformance, and victory the opposite.

“That’s happened a lot this season for Thiago because of the general expectation he would do more.”

What RTK has to say

He’s right. It’s actually something we’ve pointed out recently – Thiago is judged harsher than anyone else.

And that’s not entirely down to the hype, either. Thiago’s opponents don’t offer a fair reflection compared to others.

He’s played 12 games in the Premier League and Champions League. But those 12 feature Chelsea, Everton, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United, Leicester City and RB Leipzig.

Thiago, then, is adapting to Liverpool while playing the vast majority of his games against top sides. He’s only played 11 Premier League games and yet, somehow, faced every team in the top nine except Aston Villa.

Photo by Christina Pahnke – sampics/Corbis via Getty Images

And tomorrow he plays 7th-place Everton again.

People overstate the negative effect of Thiago, then. Carragher is right – Thiago has played well, he’s just had to do so against high-quality opposition while adapting to new teammates in a make-shift side.

Results may not appear in his favour right now but once his fixture list balances out, we have no doubt that things look brighter.

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