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'Always': Jamie Carragher points the finger at Alisson after Leicester defeat

Jamie Carragher called out Alisson after Liverpool suffered a third consecutive defeat against Leicester City. The Brazilian just isn’t himself.

The score is 1-1 and Liverpool hope to find a winner. Jurgen Klopp is certainly looking for potential changes he can make to push his team in that direction.

They’re up against a good team, though – can’t afford to take many risks. Still, Liverpool have some control and you’d back them to find something.

Oh, would you look at that? Liverpool have just given a free goal away. Oh, and another. That’s that, then.

That description essentially describes Liverpool’s last two outings. Both against teams at the top of the table and both defeats entirely down to imcompetence.

Leicester City’s second goal was an absolute calamity. They’d just made it 1-1 after James Maddison squeezed in a free-kick but you say ‘fair enough’ to that. Those goals happen.

But that second – they aren’t supposed to happen. A not-particularly-good long-ball over the top barely asked a question of the Liverpool back line.

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Ozan Kabak had the answer but, admittedly, didn’t look too sure of himself. Alisson felt that maybe he had a better chance of getting it right.

He absolutely did not. He charged out, collided with Kabak, and gave Jamie Vardy an open goal to make it 2-1.

Jamie Carragher was in no doubt whose fault it was.

‘Gone AWOL’ is putting it mildly. Alisson cost Liverpool at least one point against Manchester City and did the same against Leicester.

The real question is ‘why?’. Why has a goalkeeper who has been the world’s best over the last two seasons suddenly lost his head?

The most likely answer is Liverpool’s form. They were conceding frustrating goals anyway and we imagine Alisson is trying too hard to stop them.

When he sees a ball over the top and the defender hesitate, he thinks another goal is coming and tries to stop it. It means he tries things he shouldn’t.

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We saw that with his ‘passing’ against City and with again against Leicester.

The only easy fix is for the defence to inspire him with more confidence. If they prove themselves, Alisson will feel less obliged to try awkward things.

Hopefully, Kabak and co. can find form quickly, then. Otherwise, this really might not be the last error we see.

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