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'It's inconceivable': Gary Neville refuses to criticise Liverpool too much

Gary Neville refuses to criticise Liverpool too harshly, despite the Reds’ poor form. He sees a clear reason for their downturn.

We can call the title challenge a wrap. Liverpool suffered a 4-1 defeat to Manchester City at Anfield on Sunday, effectively ending any chance of a second successive Premier League title.

The Reds were fairly comfortable in the game until a series of terrible defensive mistakes cost them everything. It was, all things considered, an awful performance.

And so it’s time to stick the boot in? Well, Gary Neville doesn’t think so and the Manchester United legend refuses to criticise Liverpool too harshly.

“I was light on Manchester City last year when they had that year off, having had three exceptional years of performance, and I’m going to be light on Liverpool this year,” he told his Sky Sports podcast.

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“You can’t go every single year, particularly for four years, it’s inconceivable with these players, the same players, a lot of the time out on the pitch.

” There’s going to be a dip at some point – and we’re seeing the dip. It’s an alarming dip because they’ve been so exceptional, and they’re here at this moment in time.”

What RTK has to say

Well, we agree that criticism of Liverpool should be fairly light right now. And Neville has a very fair point with Liverpool using the same group for a very long time.

Playing the same way with the same players will drain anyone. It happens. Teams need to freshen themselves up and try new things to stop fatigue settling lin.

Liverpool did try that, too. They signed Thiago to change their midfield and Diogo Jota to add something to their ttack.

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Both have had long spells out, however, and injuries to others have prevented any kind of natural cohesion developing.

So not only have Liverpool fallen back on the same old players, but they’ve had to move them about the pitch, too, while running them into the ground.

You won’t be a good team after doing all that.

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