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Liverpool leave it late: Report claims no contact over Shkodran Mustafi

Liverpool have not made contact over Shkodran Mustafi, according to reports. The Reds appear to have a strategy for the last days of the transfer window.

This comes from the Evening Standard. They believe that Liverpool do hold interest in Shkodran Mustafi.

They’re not the first to say this, of course. The Athletic suggested the same, as did the Telegraph. Sky Germany believe it, too, and think it could cost Liverpool a small sum.

The Evening Standard report comes later, though, and offers an update. Liverpool have no made any contact over a move for Mustafi – yet.

That’s despite the transfer window closing on Monday, leaving very little time to do any sort of deal. But it does suggest Liverpool have a strategy here.

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What RTK has to say

We can quite confidently say that Liverpool are leaving this one late. It’s a strategy that carries both pros and cons.

We’ll start with the obvious con – it could leave you without the time to do anything. That’s probably the second-worst thing that can happen with all this.

Liverpool clearly want a defender but there is a very real risk they simply run out of time. If Mustafi is on their shortlist and they haven’t moved at all, we can only assume they haven’t moved for the others, either.

Otherwise, Mustafi surely wouldn’t be on the list?

But here’s the major pro – Liverpool won’t rush into a bad signing. Because the worst-case scenario here is that they do rush in, get it wrong, and jeopardise their future plans.

Say they spend on someone, that would leave them with less money to sign who they really want in the summer. It could take up the space in their squad, too.

Or if they bring in someone on the cheap like Mustafi, what if he’s not any good? Then you’ve blown your one real chance to fix your injury crisis.

Fall down the table and suddenly signing any superstars in the summer becomes a lot more difficult.

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We do think Mustafi represents a shot at the best-case scenario, though. He comes in on the cheap, performs well, helps secure a good season, and then leaves.

Liverpool could then move on to the defenders they really want, who plainly aren’t available now.

So the fact there hasn’t been any contact yet makes sense. Liverpool are being patient as they get one shot at this – and they don’t want to get it wrong.

This could really go right to the wire as they search for every available option.

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