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Liverpool's transfer decisions now shape their summer - for better or worse

Any transfer decisions Liverpool make this January will shape their summer. That could be a good thing but it could get very bad.

It appears Liverpool won’t do any business this January. Jurgen Klopp suggests that’s the case, even if he’d quite like to.

“What we have to do is improve the football in the decisive areas with this squad – that’s my job, not sitting here and being disappointed or frustrated with some decisions,” he said, per the Independent.

“I am not. Of course, we know what we would do in an ideal world, but the world is not ideal and not only for us. We have to deal with the situation and that’s what we’re doing.”

Liverpool could use a player or two, after all. They’re now five Premier League games without a win, four without a goal, and have had a makeshift defence since October 17th.

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But they’ll likely persist with what they’ve got. These are decisions that won’t just shape this transfer window but the next one.

The Good

The positive outcome here is that Liverpool perform well until May. They could even win the league despite all of their problems.

Pulling that off guarantees financial security – financial security they could use in the easier summer window.

We suspect they plan on a squad revamp, for one thing. That takes a lot of money and not spending this January helps that immensely.

If none of the players they plan on signing in June are available today, they’d have to change their plans. Potentially, they sacrifice who they really want.

Another thing to consider – AS believe Liverpool have the funds for Kylian Mbappe. ESPN claims the player would move to Anfield.

That’s a situation they could jeopardise by spending over the odds in January. Hold back, and that move becomes a real possibility.

The Bad

And here’s the risk Liverpool are taking.

The Reds are in atrocious form right now, sliding down the table. They could be as low as 7th by the time of their next Premier League game.


Now, a month ago, Liverpool were top. They were flying and looking like champions. So it’s quite easy to call this current form a blip and that they’ll get back on track.

But what if we’re looking at it backwards? What if their good form in the wake of Joe Gomez and Virgil van Dijk’s injuries was just them playing above themselves? What if this current form is them moving back to what they actually are?

If that is truly the case, Liverpool might not finish top four this season. That’s a real danger – they can’t even score goals right now. This is their worst run of form for 21 years.

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This might sound like fear-mongering but it’s the worst-case here. If Liverpool do fail to finish top four, they’ll lose out on far more money than if they signed someone in January.

They’d suffer a dramatic drop in their projected finances at – quite literally – the worst possible time.

They could also kiss any chance of Mbappe or any superstar signing goodbye. They wouldn’t have the money or even Champions League football to offer him.

Liverpool are playing a dangerous game here with their transfer decisions. If the risk pays off, then all is well. But if it doesn’t, it could have quite serious consequences.

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