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Liverpool can flaunt luxury when making space for Kylian Mbappe

If Liverpool really do want Kylian Mbappe, they’ll have to make space for him. Fortunately, they can flaunt a real luxury when doing that.

AS claims Liverpool have the funds to sign Kylian Mbappe – but they’d still have to make space. The Reds have four star forwards as it is, after all, and that doesn’t mesh well with a superstar.

In a separate article, AS also claims that £133m is the low-end estimate of Mbappe’s price. That would blow the club record out of the water, of course.

So while Liverpool may have the funds, it all makes sense to sell a forward. That way, the club can fund a move and make the much-needed space.

And Liverpool should have a real luxury when doing that.

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Diogo Jota is ‘safe’. He’s by far the youngest of the four and it makes no sense to move him on.

The other three, though, are all at risk. Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah each hit 29 before the year is out – Liverpool need to think about switching them out.

Mbappe is the best replacement, of course. But who do Liverpool swap him for?

This is where Liverpool’s strategy can pay dividends. All three of those players are fantastically versatile, meaning no matter who Liverpool move on, they can shift things around for Mbappe.

That wouldn’t be the case if, say, Mane was only capable of playing on the left. Then Liverpool would have to take that into account when selling players or using Mbappe.

If they wanted to put Mbappe on the left, they couldn’t keep Mane in that example.

Or if everyone was fixed to their positions, it would dramatically limit the options. Perhaps Liverpool could only sell Salah. That would mean Mbappe would have to play from the right when he came in.

Otherwise, you’re moving players into sub-par roles.

Fortunately, everyone is comfortable in several positions – including Mbappe.

Per Whoscored, Mbappe has played mainly as a striker this season but frequently from the left, too. He has near-identical scoring rates from both positions, too.

And, of course, Mbappe won the World Cup playing on the right. The guy can play any of the roles wonderfully well.

Thus Liverpool have complete freedom here. They can move on whoever they want and mix things around to find something that works for everyone.

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That’s an incredible luxury. It eliminates the biggest risk with a massive fee – will the player fit in?

Well, on paper, Liverpool can afford to pay that fee without worrying if Mbappe will fit in. No matter what happens or who leaves, Jurgen Klopp would be able to build something special.

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