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Liverpool may pass up final opportunity with transfer stance

Liverpool have their transfer stance for January and it’s an understandable one. But it may see them pass up one final opportunity for success.

Jurgen Klopp outlined the Liverpool transfer stance for January (per the Echo) – they’d like to buy but they likely can’t. The financial security just isn’t there.

And that’s understandable. We may agree or disagree but you can absolutely understand where Liverpool come from with that stance.

Unfortunately, it might see them pass up a final opportunity to win with their current stars.

Moving on

This current crop are the greatest Liverpool side since the 1980s. There’s no doubt about that.

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They’ve won the Champions League, the Club World Cup and, of course, the Premier League. They’ve put Liverpool back on their perch, so to speak.

But they won’t last forever. In fact, they might not last beyond this season.

Virtually every key player is pushing 30 and will need to move on soon. This isn’t something you can wait and do in one year – you’ve got to replace them bit by bit.

Thus we could see the first major changes this summer, likely in attack.

Liverpool are linked with moves for both Jadon Sancho (The Independent) and Kylian Mbappe (AS), for instance. Both are enormous signings, both in cost and stature.

And both would likely necessitate the break-up of Liverpool’s famed front-three. We can’t see how you could simply add either of them without fundamentally change how Liverpool operate in attack.

With that, Liverpool take a chance. There is absolutely no guarantee that those changes would work. There is no guarantee whatsoever that it will be as good as what Liverpool have.

Signing a superstar gives you the best chance possible that it works, of course. But there’s still no guarantee.

Neymar and Mbappe haven’t put Paris Saint-Germain on top of the world. Philippe Coutinho and Ousmane Demebele have been disastrous at Barcelona – Antoine Griezmann isn’t far behind.

In England, Paul Pogba has not proven to be a world-record calibre player for Manchester United.

All huge investments that haven’t really paid off. It’s a risk for any club.

In fact, if you look through a list of £70m+ transfers, the most recent success story – that is, the transfer that delivered on its goal – was arguably Virgil van Dijk to Liverpool.

Thus Liverpool’s only sure thing is with what they have now. They know the current team can deliver success. The only doubt is that Van Dijk is missing.

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Replacing him eases that doubt and pushes this current side closer to another trophy. If Liverpool do opt to sign no one, however, they could be giving up that opportunity to win again.

And in doing so, they lose out on what may be the final such opportunity to win with this team before risky, wholesale changes.

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